Founded in 1991, Gree Electric Appliances,Inc. Of Zhuhai was listed on the main board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in November 1996. Before 2012, the company was a professional air-conditioning enterprise, focusing on the research, development, production and sales of air conditioners.

After 2012, the company began to transform to diversified high-end household appliances and equipment. In addition to home air conditioners and central air conditioners, the company vigorously develops domestic appliances, intelligent equipment, precision molds, industrial products, precision castings and other products.

At present, in the world built zhuhai gree electric appliances, chongqing, wuhu, hefei, zhengzhou, wuhan, shijiazhuang, changsha, hangzhou, Brazil, Pakistan and other 11 largest production base for air-conditioning and changsha, wuhu, zhengzhou, shijiazhuang, tianjin and so on five big renewable resources base, governs the ling of compressor s $, gree electric, building electrical, electronics, household appliances, precision molds, and other subsidiary, intelligent equipment, complete coverage from the upstream parts production to recycle waste products of the whole industry chain downstream.


In December 1985, Industrial Development Corporation of Zhuhai Special Economic Zone (predecessor of Gree Group) was established. Subsequently, the "head office" has successively established the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone Guanxiong Plastic Limited company and the Zhuhai Haili air conditioner factory.

In March 1991, the meeting of Zhuhai SeZs Industrial Development Corporation (later renamed as Zhuhai Gree Group Co., LTD.) decided to merge its Guanxiong Plastic Industrial Company and Haili Air conditioner Factory to form Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliances Co., LTD.

By the end of 1994, Gree completed the first phase of technical transformation, forming a capacity of 1 million air conditioners, and introduced American OAK and other heat exchange equipment into use, and set up a branch plant of condenser and evaporator to realize self-matching of the two, with the annual capacity expanded to 2.5 million units in 1996.

In 1996, Gree initiated the "year-end rebate" and gave more than 100 million yuan rebate to distributors. That year, Gree surpassed Chunlan to become the first producer and seller of air conditioners in the industry, and proposed the "professional" development strategy of only making air conditioners and central air conditioners.

In November 1996, Gree Electric Appliances was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

From 1995 to 1997, Gree Electric Appliances relied on large dealers for sales. In December 1997, The first regional sales company of Gree Electric Appliances was established in Hubei province, which created a new marketing model in the 21st century economic field.

From 1998 to 2003, the company integrated distributors into joint stock regional sales companies for sales.

Gree expanded annual capacity to 10 million units in 2004, became the world's largest air conditioning manufacturing base, and acquired a zhuhai gree group parent company ling of compressor co., LTD., zhuhai gree electric appliance co., LTD, zhuhai gree electric co., LTD., zhuhai gree s electronics co., LTD., the deployment of upstream compressor, motor, capacitor and enameled wire from matching.

On April 25, 2007, in order to further establish the property rights relationship with the sales company, Gree Electric Appliances Group transferred 10% of gree Electric Appliances to He Beijing Hai Guaranty Investment Co., LTD., making Gree Electric Appliances the second largest shareholder. The company was formed by 10 regional sales companies that accounted for 65 per cent of Gree's domestic sales at the time.

Gree has made great changes outside the dealer channels since 2014. KA channel first made peace with Gome in January 2014, and then re-entered more than 740 suning stores in March 2016.

In January 2016, Gree Electric Appliances became one of the first enterprises to enter the "Pilot List of Extended Producer Responsibility of Electrical and electronic Products" released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

In April 2016, Gree Electric Appliances (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. was registered and established with a total investment of over 7 billion YUAN. Gree Electric Appliances (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. is located in Linjiang High-tech Industrial Park, Dajiang East Industrial Cluster District, Hangzhou. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gree Electric Appliances,Inc., it is the 11th production base built by Gree Electric Appliances worldwide. The main products of the company are air conditioning separators, multiple internal machines, window machines and dehumidifiers.


The business of the company is divided into traditional home appliance business and intelligent manufacturing business.

In terms of home appliance business, Gree owns Gree, TOSOT, Lingda, Kaibon, Singapore Dollars and other brands. Gree specializes in home air conditioners, central air conditioners, air energy water heaters, household appliances, intelligent equipment, precision moulds, industrial products, precision castings, mobile phones and other products.

In the fields of HVAC and home appliances, the production and sales of home air conditioners have been leading the domestic market for 23 consecutive years and the global market for 13 consecutive years. By 2017, the global market share of home air conditioners was 21.90%. Since 2012, the market share of commercial air conditioners has ranked first in the domestic market.

In the field of intelligent equipment, Gree began to implement its internal automation production strategy in 2012. In 2013, Gree set up the Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Division, continuing the enterprise gene of independent research and development from scratch, focusing on making breakthroughs in high-end CNC machine tools and industrial robots. In 2015, the Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Division became an independent intelligent equipment subsidiary of Gree Electric Appliances.

Since 2015, gree set up in zhuhai, wuhan, luoyang, Hong Kong and zhuhai gree intelligent equipment co., LTD., intelligent equipment (wuhan) co., LTD., zhuhai gree gree robot co., LTD. (luoyang) co., LTD., zhuhai gree gree robot nc machine tool research institute co., LTD., zhuhai gree intelligent equipment technology research institute co., LTD., six intelligent equipment branch.

Gree of intelligent equipment products are industrial robots, numerical control machine tool, servo manipulator, intelligent warehousing logistics equipment, intelligent detection equipment more than 10 areas, such as more than one hundred kinds of specifications, and can be based on the combination of the above individual products accept customization, development to provide specialized unmanned automatic production line is suitable for the downstream solutions.

In terms of industrial robots, the company has developed different kinds of products such as horizontal multi-joint robot (SCARA), six-degree-of-freedom joint robot, four-axis stacking robot, public service robot and so on. The load level covers 1~180KG, which is widely used in the fields of home appliances, furniture, electronics and so on. Main customers cover home appliances, 3C, food, kitchen and bathroom, cosmetics and other industries.






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